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Story of the King James Bible

This video is about how we got our first official English Bible, called the King James Bible published in 1611. Did you know that thousands of people were killed in 15th century England because of a law, that made it punishable by death, for anyone to speak or write words from the Latin Bible in English. This video is only 29 minutes long, but one that you will never forget. This video will give our viewers a new appreciation of the enduring English Bible.

Why the King James Bible is the Best

This video documents the proliferation of English Bibles since the King James Bible was first published in 1611. Today there are over 100 different Bibles in English. Where did all these English Bibles come from? See how the modern day English Bibles stacks up against the original 1611 King James Bible. Which Bible today is the most accurate and **authentic? You will discover the answersto that and much
more in this video.

This Will SHOCK You!

Why King James Bible Only?