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“Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.”

– John 5:25 –

Alexander Scourby

by Dustylite – Version 1.1 – Jul 24, 2012

This audio Bible APP is just the greatest! And very easy to use and has a lot of extra features. I have been listening to this audio Bible since I was a very young Christian. Thank you for writing this Wonderful Bible App!!! Keep up the Lord’s Work!!! NYC

Alexander Scourby, the Greatest Voice Ever Recorded, Narrates the Greatest Book Ever Written. Merging the power of Technology with the King James Bible and the Voice of Alexander Scourby, we are proud to introduce…”The Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book!”

For those who would want customized Bible APPs for their mobile devices, you can buy them here. Whether your phone is an iPhone or Android, or whether you have an iPad, Kindle, Nook, Android, Galaxy or other type of tablet, we have developed Scourby Bible APPS to exactly fit your device.

All Scourby Audio Bible Apps have the following features:

  • Read along with Scourby as verses are highlighted in real time.
  • Build your own playlists of Bible verses.
  • A renewed, clean, distraction free interface.
  • Simple controls that anyone can use.
  • Fast and accurate full bible search by word, phrase or Book Chapter and verse.
  • A simple and intuitive verse builder that lets you select verse ranges.
  • Personalize the app with easy to use font and background changes.
  • Mutitask as you navigate out of your IPHONE.
  • History of what you have heard.
  • Electronic Book Marks takes you back to where you left off.
  • Day and Night Mode.
  • Create a 30, 60 or 90 playlist to play while you sleep.
  • Change Font Size and Font Type.
  • On screen volume control and mute feature.
  • Great for Church to instantly look up Chapter, Book and Verse.

Placing Your Order is Simple and Fast...and Downloads are Immediate!

When you click on the buy button it will take you to our secure shopping cart, where you can order using a credit or debit card or PayPal. Select the download you want from the list. All Scourby Bible APPs are presented in a Bimodal presentation of voice and text presented together with the text being read highlighted in yellow. The narration that Scourby reads in the APP is voice only.

For the MP3 Audio Bible Download you can choose between VOICE ONLY or DRAMATIZED, If you order one you get the other for half price and many order both. If you are ordering just one, make sure what you want. We get emails all the time from people saying they wanted the VOICE ONLY, but order the DRAMATIZED by mistake. So DOUBLE CHECK before you click!

This King James Bible App is Changing...
the Way Millions Access the Bible
Order Any Download for $19.99 and Get 50% Off All Other Downloads On Our

From iPhone User Great Bible Application For Memorization:

This application works great and does so much. If you want to memorize a verse, a chapter or a whole book, just make a playlist and set it on endless loop. It’s easy. Read along with the audio while the text automatically advances, hands free. I say thank you to the developers. If you want to learn the Bible then this is the App for you.

Android YouBible App
Phone or Tablet

You Bible App includes both
the Old and New Testament!

Custom Playlists,
Verse Repeat,
Reading Plans,
Sharing and More!

Apple YouBible App
iPhone or iPad

Audio and Text Synced Together
with Active Verse Highlighted in Yellow.

Start Accessing
the Bible in a Whole New Way!

Download from iTunes Store

Desktop YouBible App
for Windows and Mac PCs

You Bible App for Windows and Mac PC’sSame APP Features as in iPhone and Android
Powerful Playlist and Verse Sharing Feature
The Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book

Download now
The Bible as Never Before!

Alexander Scourby, "The Voice of the Bible", Narrates all Bible Audio.

Audio Bible MP3 Download
Voice Only $19.99
MP3 Players, iPods & Computers

MP3 download includes both
the Old and New Testament!

Download all MP3 files to your computer
and then transfers the files to your devices.
See support page for instructions.

YouBible App

Order Any Item
For $19.99 or more..
and get all other Downloads

Audio Bible MP3 Download
Voice Only and Dramatized
Only $29.99

Dramatized Audio Samples--Click to Play

  1. Rev_22 3:56
  2. psalm23 0:44
  3. luke2_8_16 1:17
  4. Job_40 2:19
  5. Hebrews_11_1_16 6:07
  6. 01_Genesis_01 0:48

The Desktop app for Windows and Mac
has all the features
that the Apple and Android Apps have!

Audio Bible Apps

The Scourby KJV Bible App is one of the most popular and downloaded Bible apps in the iTunes and Android Google Play stores. For users who are looking for the best Bible app on the market, you need look any further. Recorded by Alexander Scourby, who is regarded as the  Greatest Voice Ever Recorded, the narration flows seamlessly, powerfully and incomparably. His narration of the King James Bible has been enjoyed by millions the world over for years on cassettes and CD’s. Now users can get this treasured narration on the all new Scourby You Bible App and literally have the Bible at their fingertips for instant access, anytime and anywhere?

Whether you use an Android, iPhone or laptop, the Scourby Holy Bible app will be near you and with you no matter where you are. This amazing Bible app also works on the iPad and Galaxy, tablets and Windows and Mac laptop and desktops and is custom designed for each device..

The Features Included With The Scourby Bible App Are:

  • A custom playlist to create playlists of your favorite Bible verses.
  • Simple user interface to navigate between features.
  • Text and audio Synced together with verse being read highlighted in yellow.
  • Share Favorite Bible Verse with friends and family, via text, email, twitter or Facebook..
  • Change the font size best suited for you eye site.
  • Fast and comprehensive Bible search by Book, chapter or verse, down to word.
  • Stores history of Bible Verses you have read.
  • Allows for multitasking and is ideal for Bible Study.
  • Electronic bookmark to easily pick up where you left off.
  • Switch between day and night mode.
  • On Screen volume control and mute option.
  • Use during Church to easily look up Chapter, Book, and Verse.
  • Sleep timer for night time listening, maps and more.

The Scourby You Bible is the Ultimate Bible App and you will soon find it to be your perfect Bible companion. It will be with you and near you, ready to give you enjoyment and inspiration at any time. Download it today for your Android, iPhone or laptop and start accessing the Holy Bible in a whole new way, and soon discover the many Blessing of the all new Scourby You Bible App.