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bible study

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1 “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful”.

2 “But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night”.

3 “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper”.

– Psalms 1:1-3. –

Wonderfully Marvelous App

by Praydaily – Version 1.0 – Jun 16, 2012

Alexander Scourby is the very best Bible narrator. I’ve enjoyed his Bible narration for many years on CD. The app audio bible features are excellent. It’s perfect for Bible Study. Thanks so much for a job well done.

Did you know that when you read and follow along in the book, your comprehension and understanding are greatly increased? In a recent report by Read Speak entitled, “The Benefits of Bimodal Content Presentation”, it said the following in part:

Bimodal Presentation

Bimodal presentation refers to information that is presented in both audio and visual formats at the same time. Bimodal reading refers to the act of reading text while hearing the words at the same time, and having the words highlighted as they are read. Our Bible Study App does just that!

The Benefits of Bimodal Presentation

According to the research, specific benefits of bimodal content presentation include:

  • Improved word recognition skills and vocabulary
  • Improved reading comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and concentration
  • Improved information recall and learning/memory enhancement
  • Increased motivation and more positive attitude with regard to reading
  • Increased reading self-confidence and perceived performance
  • Listening while reading resulted in twice the amount of reading with higher comprehension and increased Word recognition.
  • Comprehension improved for all types of readers.
  • Can read faster with better comprehension.
  • Reading fatigue was reduced, reading endurance increased and people had less stress while reading.

Read Full Report on Bimodal Presentation

The Scourby KJV Bible study app (also availbale as an Audio Bible MP3 download ) is a Bimodal content presentation and is the “Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book”. The text and audio are synchronized so that you are hearing and reading at the same time with the verse highlighted in yellow as it reads. Having Alexander Scourby reading for you as he pronounces all those difficult words with just the right expression and clarity, is a joy to be experienced. Here is how one person put it,

Here is just one testimonial, please review others on our Testimonial page.

The Most Important App in the Universe

by Roy Lange – Version 1.0 – Jan 19, 2012

Combine the most blessed version of the Bible with the greatest spoken reading of the Bible ever, add wonderful search and study features, and you have the most significant APP ever made. YOU WILL LOVE this APP. You will be empowered by being able to increase your daily intake of the Word of God by being able to listen throughout the day. Please SHARE this app with others!!!

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From iPhone User Great Bible Application For Memorization:

This application works great and does so much. If you want to memorize a verse, a chapter or a whole book, just make a playlist and set it on endless loop. It’s easy. Read along with the audio while the text automatically advances, hands free. I say thank you to the developers. If you want to learn the Bible then this is the App for you.

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You Bible App for Windows and Mac PC’sSame APP Features as in iPhone and Android
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Alexander Scourby, "The Voice of the Bible", Narrates all Bible Audio.

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Dramatized Audio Samples--Click to Play

  1. Rev_22 3:56
  2. psalm23 0:44
  3. luke2_8_16 1:17
  4. Job_40 2:19
  5. Hebrews_11_1_16 6:07
  6. 01_Genesis_01 0:48

Download Audio Bible mp3 files to your computer and then transfers files to other devices like Mp3 Player. See support page for instructions. mp3 and Apps include Old and New Testament.

Bible Study App

The Scourby Bible App features a unique bimodal presentation, which means that when you are able to read and listen at the same time. This technique has proven to increase users understand and comprehension of what is being read. “Read Speak” released a recent report entitled, “The Benefits of Bimodal Content Presentation”. It substantiated the premise that learning while reading and hearing at the same time, is the optimal way to improve word recognition, vocabulary, and understanding. Coupled with enhanced reading comprehension, user also experience an increased accuracy, fluency, and concentration while improving information recall and learning enhancement. We encourage you to read the entire article on this on Bimodal presentation on this page.

The Best Bible Study App

Bible Study is an important part of the believer’s life and walk with God. The Scourby Bible App is an ideal tool to enhance your Bible study experience, because of the many useful features contained in the You Bible App. One key feature is the verse repeat button which is an ideal way for believers to memorize Bible Verses. The many features contained in the Bible App, ensures that you will get the most out of your next Bible study session. Noted as the “Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book.”, this will become your perfect Bible companion.

Whether you are studying with a Bible Study group, or doing personal Bible study, your comprehension will be enhanced by the bimodal presentation. The You Bible App really puts the Bible at fingertips for instant access and inspiration.

With Alexander Scourby narrating this exceptional Bible study app, you will be able to experience the Bible like never before, with Scourby becoming you own personal Bible narrator. Order one for yourself today and also consider the ideal gifts they make for all those gift giving occasions. We have a special offer on our website. When you buy the Bible app or Mp3 download at a regular price, you get all other downloads for 50% percent off. Treat yourself and others to the Ultimate Bible App. Order yours right now at, and start enhancing your Bible Study and devotions today.