Chronicles of Jesus Christ

the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63

King James Bible Statistics: Jesus
Mathew 13,542
Mark 5,364
Luke 12,004
John 8,287
Acts 79
Revelation 1,795
Total Words
Spoken by Jesus
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Has 66 Books, 1189 Chapters , 31,102 verses and 783,137 words in the King James Bible.

There are 602,585 words in the Old Testament, 180,552 Words in the New Testament making a total of 783,137 words in the King James Bible

However, did you ever think about how many words Jesus actually spoke? We tried to find out, but could not get a proper answer, so we found an online King James Bible, which had the Word of Jesus in red and after many of hours of work, we came up with the following statistics, which you will probably not find anywhere else on the internet. So here they are broken down for you by Chapters.

This was very tedious work so please don�t hold it against us if we missed a word or two. The idea was to get a fairly accurate number concerning the number of Words Jesus actually spoke in the King James Bible. Why? Because the Words he spoke, �they are spirit and they are life.

Think about this, 41,071 words are not many words, but with those few Words, Jesus brought salvation to mankind, established the foundation for the Christian faith and changed the lives of untold tens of millions. And those Words continue to changed lives daily for people in all corners of the World.

So we thought that it would be helpful to make these profound Words available for you on a playlist so you could have his Words at your fingertips to play anytime or anywhere. So we have gathered together the following:

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  1. The Four Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John containing all the words of Jesus
  2. The Parable of Jesus
  3. The Miracles of Jesus
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