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King James Bible

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King James Bible in 1611The King James Bible was the first authorized version of the Bible Published in English in 1611 in England. Many Biblical scholars and experts believe that the King James Bible is still the best and most accurate translation, of the many versions now on the market and we will tell you why they hold this belief and why we use it for our audio bible.

From 1611 until the mid 1900ís the King James Bible was the only major English Bible translation used in all the Churches. Since then there have been numerous other English versions written, copyrighted and published by various companies and translators.

This raises a fundamental question. Why have there been so many other translations? What is the task of the translator?' Is it to convey the 'meaning' of Scripture, as he, the translator, understands that meaning? Or is the translator merely supposed to write as inspired by the Holy Spirit as Peter stated in II Peter 1:20, 21:? Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.If the answer to that question is yes, then how are we going to explain the many other Bible translations that are causing confusion in the churches and among the saints? And how are we to deal with this scripture?>

1 Corinthians 14:32-34 (King James Version)
33For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

It is obvious that the numerous translations is causing confusion, since itís hard to have scripture reading in the churches today since there are so many different versions being used, even with people using the NIV. Why? Because the NIV is constantly changing as they come out with newer translations, so an NIV Bible someone bought ten years ago is different from the NIV Bible today. We have comparisons of the NIV and the KJV on our King James Bible page.

So if God is not the author of confusion, then who are the authors of this confusion that is being caused by the numerous translations of the Bible? What are the motivations of all of these new modern day Bible translators? Is it for the purpose of making the Bible more clear or making more money from the copyrights? When the King James Bible was translated, no one made money on copyrights because there were no copyright laws.

King James Bible in 1911It is without question that the motivation of the learned and highly educated Bible translators in the 1500 and 1600 century in England was to simply provide a Bible in English for the English speaking people. These early Bible translators were true scholars who were among the best educated in the world. William Tindall, who is the subject of our documentary, The Indestructible Book, The Story of The King James Bible, was proficient in 7 languages and no one could tell which was his native tongue. He was also an expert in the Greek and Hebrew language as were the other early Bible translators. William Tindall was burned at the stake, as were many other dedicated souls, in their efforts to bring us a Bible in English. So their motivations were crystal clear and unquestionable, a deep desire to bring the English speaking people a Bible in their native language. Their recompense was to be burned at the stake, along with thousands of others, for their efforts.

However, what about the modern day Bible translators? How many languages are they proficient in? How well learned are they in the Greek and Hebrew? Do we even know who they are? Or are they just anonymous contractors hired by a company just to turn out a new Bible translation that the company can then copyright in hope of turning a profit? It appears that the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the dedication and commitment of those earlier Bible translators has been replaced by the unholy inspiration to make money. As Timothy stated in 1Timothy 6:10: For the love of money is the root of all evil. As far as we know none of these modern day Bible translators have been burned at the state for their efforts or have been persecuted for their modern day Bible translations. Our intent is not to malign other Bible translations, but to merely put forth the facts for your considerations and then you can decide what Bible Translation you want to read and listen to.

Following is an in-depth study of why thinks the King James Bible is still the very best audio Bible Translation in English after nearly 400 hundred years. It is written by Dr. D.A. Waite and is a very scholarly and detailed report by what we at would call an expert. You might ask yourself, what makes an expert an expert? The answer is simple enough; an expert is just someone who has studied a particular subject more intensely than most others and therefore knows more the subject than most others. Not that we should take as Holy Grail the statements a proposed expert puts forth, but we at least we should give them added weight for consideration.

Keep in mind that the following, although being 17 pages, is only a very detailed summary report by Dr. Waite of his book, "Defending the King James Bible." He is a Biblical expert who believes the King James Bible is unquestionably the most accurate narration on the market. We have further condensed that summary into a one page summary. We would encourage all to read the entire 17 page summary and if interested further get his book on the subject. Here is our one page summary with the credentials of Dr. Waite:


By Dr. D.A. Waite

King James Bible in 1611Dr. Donald Waite is a Baptist scholar who has written in the defense of the Received Text for many years. He is President of the Dean Burgon Society and Director of Bible for Today ministries. He has earned a B.A. in classical Greek and Latin; a Th.M. with high honors in New Testament Greek Literature and Exegesis; an M.A. and Ph.D. in Speech; a Th.D. with honors in Bible Exposition; and he holds both New Jersey and Pennsylvania teacher certificates in Greek and Language Arts. He taught Greek, Hebrew, Bible, Speech, and English for more than 35 years in nine schools. He has produced more than 700 studies on the Bible and other subjects. The following study is a summary of Waite's book "Defending the King James Bible", which is available from Bible for Today, 900 Park Avenue, Collingswood, New Jersey 08108. Waite presents a four-fold superiority of the King James Bible: (1) SUPERIOR TEXTS (HEBREW AND GREEK); (2) SUPERIOR TRANSLATORS; (3) SUPERIOR TECHNIQUE; and (4) SUPERIOR THEOLOGY.

1: THE KING JAMES BIBLE HAS SUPERIOR ORIGINAL LANGUAGE TEXTS. The first reason for defending the KJV is because it has superior texts, both Hebrew and Greek. This correctly implies that the various versions and perversions of the Bible have inferior texts, both Hebrew and Greek.

2: THE KING JAMES BIBLE HAS SUPERIOR TRANSLATORS. The second reason for defending the KJV is because it has superior translators. This correctly implies that the various versions and perversions of the Bible have inferior translators.

Let's take a brief look at the superior translators of the KJV. Why do I say that the KJV translators are superior? I say they are superior because they ARE superior! I think that there is no question about the expertise and ability of the translators who gave us our KJV. The new version people often say that the KJV translators were rather ignorant and didn't know as much about translating as the "translators/paraphrases" of today. This is not only prideful, but completely false. Their linguistic qualifications are unequaled!

3: THE KING JAMES BIBLE HAS SUPERIOR TECHNIQUE. The third reason for defending the KING JAMES BIBLE is because it has superior technique of translation. This correctly implies that the various versions and perversions of the Bible have inferior technique of translation.

The KJV translators used the superior technique of verbal equivalence and formal equivalence--not dynamic equivalence. The modern versions and perversions have used, to a greater or lesser degree, the inferior technique of dynamic equivalence and have disdained both verbal and formal equivalence.

4: THE KING JAMES BIBLE HAS SUPERIOR THEOLOGY. The fourth reason for defending the KING JAMES BIBLE is because it has superior theology. This correctly implies that the various versions and perversions of the Bible have inferior theology. That is why we use the King James Version for our audio bible.

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