What Others Are Saying

Kara Tucker – Wichita, KS
Dr. Lotze spent the time to listen and was very through. I have now recommended him to friends.
Thomas Milligan – Charlotte, NC
“Bimodal Presentation is ideal. Hearing and reading at same time is the best way to Study the Bible. Having the app sync the text and audio, with text highlighted as it’s read, is a great hands free experience.”
Gail Jamison – Lexington, KY
“The sharing feature is one I use a lot. I’m always finding a nice inspiring verse to send. Get a lot of great comments back.”
Larry Delacruz – Baraboo, WI
“The playlist feature is awesome. To be able to play the verses in order one after other is super. Good job.”

iTunes Customer Reviews

App is best combination of Word &Tech
by Kv-eye-r-open

I have owned and reviewed hundreds of apps, many of them religious and inspirationally based. This is far and away the best of both worlds. Scourby’s voice over is the most profound and powerful reading of the Word. That, mixed with the many functions of this clever app, make it worth 10 times the price I paid. I look forward with great anticipation to whatever else these clever folks come out with soon!

Great App
by AV1611DSB

You would pay at least that just to get this in audio format, all the rest is a plus!

iPad and IPhone Scourby Bible
Al Stoner

I have made profitable and regular use of the Audio Bible read by Aleander Scourby for over 40 years. In my judgment, Scourby is the best reader available in the English language. I am very pleased now to see the availability of this program for IPhone and IPad. But in addition I am pleased to see continual improvements being made for the IPhone and IPad programs.


This app is very easy to use and beautifully designed. It perfectly compliments the majesty of the King James Bible and Alexander Scourby immaculate voice does make it my perfect Bible companion. Very highly recommended.


Reading through the bible in a year couldn't be easier - by shogun_samurai
"I love the You Bible App. Getting the KJV version of the bible, literally "read" to you every day means you can read the entire bible easily in a year. It will take 10-20 minutes of easy listening to do it. And it's great. It's a great way to start the day. I listen to it on the car on the way to work, and I know that every day I'm getting my daily serving of the Word of God. It's a great app, with an easy to use interface, packed full of features. And unlike some of the other apps that are out there, the entire audio is stored on your iPhone, so you don't have to chew up your data plan listening to each day's listening. This also means you can listen to the Word when you're on a plane or any other place where internet isn't available. It's a big download, and entirely worth it. "

Reading through the bible in a year couldn’t be easier – by shogun_samurai

AWESOME - by Tanpyt
"TI have always loved Alexander Scourby. His voice makes the bible come alive. What a wonderful app. Take it with me everywhere. Love this APP at my Finger Tips. "

AWESOME – by Tanpyt

Best Bible App - by Kidd Washington
"This is the app I've been waiting for. Have listened to Scourby since the 80's and having it on my iPhone is the best yet. I like the read and listen feature - nice job. I paid over $150 for the cassette recording back in 80's, this is a bargain at $19.99 - worth every penny. "

Best Bible App – by Kidd Washington

Awesome by
"This is a well designed and feature-rich app featuring a truly gifted narrator: Alexander Scourby. Easily worth the money! "

Awesome by

perfect - by Alaska is home
"I have been waiting for a long time for this app. great while riding in car or anything. excellent daily options and reading options. Thank you soo much for making it right "

perfect – by Alaska is home

This app is the best !! - by lasmileysm
"I am so thankful to the makers of this You Bible app. This I have to say is by far the best Bible application that I have ever used. I believe that many people who have trouble finding time to read the Bible will really enjoy this app. Sometimes with our busy lives we don’t seem to find time to squeeze in our daily bread. Well I can say this with great joy, that now, I can take a bath with my Ipad and listen, read and enjoy hearing "The Word Of God" even before bedtime... WOW what a wonderful blessing this is.. It should be more money! I would of paid 100 dollars gladly for it. The whole Bible Old and New testament together.. Reading plans, nite light, scrolling it is all great.. Thanks again I-Tunes. I give all The Glory to God !! LASMILESM"

This app is the best !! – by lasmileysm

A MUST HAVE!!! - by LoweDownDriver
"I have had the Scourby's Dramatized on CD for years! For the ones that JUST WANT talking you need the naraited version. The dramatized uses music and other character voices. I enjoy the dramatized version the most! Amazing user interface! Great options! This is a MUST HAVE App for Bible lovers!!! God Bless!!!"

A MUST HAVE!!! – by LoweDownDriver

Perfect - by m1555us
"The You Bible App makes you want to get into the Bible. The narrator, the features and the KJV Bible just can’t be beat."

Perfect – by m1555us

Blessed - by Ethic/ibex
"GBU this app is prepared so beautifully it is such an asset for an average Christian. The Playlist is fantastic. BWOW!!!! You Bible has really got it right with this App. eing able to put any verse you want into a playlist means I can arrange those verses any way I so choose. I have dozens of playlist. This is the right way to use technology. "

Blessed – by Ethic/ibex

Awesome program ! ! - by Anniesu
"WOW!!!! You Bible has really got it right with this App."

Awesome program ! ! – by Anniesu

You Bible App - by DRB Sydney
"Alexander Scourby is the best Bible narrator. I spent much more buying the Cd's years ago. This application is wonderful, you can listen to God's word or read it or both. Many other features included. Thank you for making this available! David "

You Bible App – by DRB Sydney

My favorite app - by Janeswt
"I love this app! Love the sleep timer."

My favorite app – by Janeswt

LOVE IT!!!!! - by DaleH07
"I have waited for years for something like this with the Alexander Scourby Bible and I LOVE IT!!! Perfect, Awesome! This Bble app is great, there is no noise and the voice quality is just great."

LOVE IT!!!!! – by DaleH07

Blessed - by Ethic/ibex
"GBU this app is prepared so beautifully it is such an asset for an average Christian. Alexander Scourby is really a voice of the Bible."

Blessed – by Ethic/ibex

5 Stars but should be 10 stars - by karebearlv
"This is the best app I ever bought. Alexander Scourby’s Voice really brings the Bible to life."

5 Stars but should be 10 stars – by karebearlv



ONE AMAZING APP - by SoulWinner714
"Scourby+King James Bible+Techonlogy=ONE AMAZING APP!!!!!!! This is the best audio Bible app out there. If anybody knows of a better one PLZ let me know. 🙂 "

ONE AMAZING APP – by SoulWinner714

TWonderful - by KJV1611Australia
"The Alexander Scourby Bible App is the best! It has many neat features such as instant search. I like to listen and read at the same time. This is one great app, from my point of view it’s just brilliant and the best on the market. GREAT JOB! "

Wonderful – by KJV1611Australia

The Most Important App in the Universe - by Roy Lange
"Combine the most blessed version of the Bible with the greatest spoken reading of the Bible ever done, add wonderful search and study features, and you have the most significant app ever made. YOU WILL LOVE this app. You will be empowered by being able to increase your daily intake of the Word. by being able to listen throughout the day. Please SHARE this app with others!!!"

he Most Important App in the Universe – by Roy Lange

Great - by Briano66
"I don't generally read the Bible , but got the YouBible App as a Christmas gift and the narrator, Scourby, keeps me captivated with the way he reads the Bible. Really this is a new experience for me and I love the bits of wisdom that I never read before. Like, "as a person thinketh so it is", "seek and ye shall find" and "knock it will be open unto you". I created a playlist I call, "my bits of wisdom". Thanks for a great product. This is a great app for IPod & IPad . Downloaded in twenty or so minutes using broadband wireless. Good for a such a large file. Works great. I really love it in all other respects. A real blessing for all who love God's word. "

Great – by Briano66

Wonderfully Marvelous App - by Praydaily
"Alexander Scourby is the very best Bible narrator. I've enjoyed his Bible narration for many years on CD. The app features are excellent. It's perfect for Bible Study. Thanks so much for a job well done."

Wonderfully Marvelous App – by Praydaily

Alexander Scourby - by Dustylite
"This You Bible APP is the Ultimate Bible! And very easy to use and has a lot of extra features. I have been listening to this audio Bible since I was a very young Christian. Thanks you for creating this Wonderful Bible App!!! Keep up the Lord's Work!!! NYC"

Alexander Scourby – by Dustylite

A Better App - by ms111999000
"This version of the Scourby KJV Bible app is great improvement over the older app. I love the fact that you can create playlists - weaving different verses together - and start reading a specific verse in a chapter. Thank you very much for the great app. "

A Better App – by ms111999000

Snap362003 - by MBA Australia
"You Bible App is the greatest. I wish I could give it a 10 Star rating. The King James Bible is great on its own, but when coupled with the unequalled voice of Alexander Scourby gliding over the blessed Word, it is beautiful in its majestic power. Being able to listen and read at the same times is powerful. I use the Scourby APP a lot at Church. It is also tremendous for Bible study since I can look up words, Books, Chapter and Verse in seconds. The Scourby APP has been a true blessing for me."

Snap362003 – by MBA Australia

Perfect - by Payday93
"I have searched extensively for a KJV Bible app that is narrated and finally found a gem. The You Bible app is not only easy to use, but to be able to listen to the renowned voice of Alexander Scourby narrating the verses, as no one else can, makes this Bible app a must have. The Scourby support team also deserves high marks for their prompt responses to questions."

Scourby Bible App – by groundspring

Perfect - by Payday93
"As a Bible college student tired of bad audio Bible apps and iTunes album and podcasts, I couldn't have asked for a better way to get the audio Bible. Everyone knows that there is no better audio Bible other than that of Mr. Scourby himself. This will be an invaluable tool throughout college and in the ministry! Thanks for an awesome app! "

Perfect by – Payday93

Yesssss!!!! - by Metric77 - Version
"TI had the cd set 6 years ago! So thankful it's made into a app for phone! His voice is perfect and he reads it with passion..... Chicago Tribune got it exactly right. Scourby does have the greatest voice ever recorded."

Yesssss!!!! – by Metric77 – Version

Best audio bible ever! - by map85 - Version
"This is a great way to enjoy the voice of the Bible with an app that can follow and highlight verse by verse."

Best audio bible ever! – by map85 – Version

Well worth the price! - by PrincessJOL
"The YouBible APP is IDEAL for me. Alexander Scourby's narration is the best and really makes the Bible come alive. Whether I'm facing a challenge, working out at the gym, or simply relaxing, his soothing and expressive voice helps me center my mind and body and calms me down. I really love the playlist feature where I can put my favorite verses in a playlist and play them back on demand. I also really like being able to read and listen at the same time. It seems I get more out of the Bible now and find more peace, comfort, and understanding in God's words. Thanks for this great APP. It's added a lot to my Bible Study and well worth the price! "

Well worth the price! – by PrincessJOL

Scourby Bible - by EPTessier
"I love this app!!! No one can read the King James Bible like Alexander Scourby. This app is loaded with nice features, text keep very good time with audio. Have done considerable research and found this app was the absolute best, PEROID!!! I highly recommend."

Scourby Bible – by EPTessier

The Bomb!!! - by droopysaylor
The You Bible App is by far the best app out there. I have it on my iPhone & iPad. I absolutely love it!! If you want an app that helps your bible study more interesting and understanding, this is the one!! I know it's a little expensive, but what is $20 when it has to do with The Word!! Thiks about it, this is like 5 Star Bucks coffee. Thanks for this app...it's The Bomb and it is has become my "perfect Bible companion" and goes with me everywhere.

The Bomb!!! by droopysaylor

TJavier Ross - Los Angeles, CA
"Just got through the entire KJV Bible in six months with the Reading Plan. I just set the plan and the Bible app delivered the daily number of verses to get through the Bible on time. Great technology."

Javier Ross Los Angeles, CA

Tanya Robinson - New Haven, Ct
"Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful. YouBible app reading plan is WONDERFUL. I travel about 45 minutes to work by train daily and that's all the time I needed to get through the Bible TWICE in one year"

Tanya Robinson New Haven, Ct

Ryan Johnson <96> Dallas, Texas
"The repeat button really help me in Bible verse memorization. And I do seem to get more understanding when I read and listen at the same time. Great app"

Ryan Johnson <96> Dallas, Texas

Scott Byron-St louis, MO
"My eyes are not what they use to be and being able to make the font size large was an ideal fix for me. YouBible app is just what I needed. This app has it all in one package"

Scott Byron St louis, MO

Larry Delacruz Baraboo, WI
"I love sharing the daily verse with friends in my network. It's a real blessing for me and also for the ones I send them too. Get a lot of great comments back"

Jennifer Hewes New York, NY

Larry Delacruz Baraboo, WI
"WOW, I feel like my own producer and director with my YouBible app. I have created numerous playlist of various verses, can recall them in an instant and YouBible can play them back in the order of listing with text and audio. How cool is that?"

Larry Delacruz Baraboo, WI

Gail Jamison <96> Lexington, KY
"YouBible verse sharing feature is a real blessing to me. I'm amazed at all the nice comments I get back. This app has it all."

Gail Jamison <96> Lexington, KY

Diane Haggerty Shoreview, MN
"The YouBible sleep timer is really a good way to listen to the Bible at bed time. I just set if for 60 minutes and fall asleep listening to Alexander Scourby's golden voice. What a voice he has!"

Diane Haggerty Shoreview, MN

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  5. Hebrews_11_1_16 6:07
  6. 01_Genesis_01 0:48

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