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Why This App?

by SoulWinner714 - Version 1.1 - May 15, 2012
Scourby+King James Bible+Techonlogy=ONE AMAZING APP!!!!!!!
This is the best audio Bible app out there. If anybody knows of a better one please let me know!!!

Jesus said, The Words I speak unto you they are spirit and they are life, (John 6:63) The New Alexander Scourby KJV Bible APP makes is easier than ever before for you to access all Words of Life found in the Bible. It’s the perfect way to access the Words of Joy, comfort and inspiration. This APP will give you the opportunity to saturate yourself in these life giving Words, in what seems to be troubled times at the end of days. These Words can literally be at your fingers tips anytime…anywhere to give you encouragement and to increase your faith.

Through the merged power of the King James Bible, Alexander Scourby and technology, you can now have the newest way to access the oldest book.

We have recently updated the Alexander Scourby Audio Bible APP and put in the features you have told us you wanted the most and took out what you didn’t like. It’s feature rich and includes the following:

  • It has a full search engine where you can search by word or word groups or Book, Chapter and verse and get back the results instantly. It will even tell you how many time the word appears in the Bible.
  • Audio and text are synced together and what is being read is highlighted in yellow. Read about the benefits of listening and reading at the same time on our Bible study page. Select font size and font type.
  • Has a night mode reading feature.
  • Create playlists of your favorite Bible verses.
  • Create a special sleep time playlist for 30, 60 or 90 minutes or more and play it when you go to sleep. We have gotten a lot of feedback about the benefits from listening while sleeping.
  • Has a volume control and mute button. Ideal for quickly looking up Book, Chapter or verse at
    Church or for Bible study.
  • Multitask as APP continues to play when you navigate out of the APP.
  • Has a History page that shows you what you have recently read.
  • Has an electronic book mark that will take you back to where you left off.
  • Read the Bible through as fast as you would like. Did you know that if you listen to the Bible just 20 minutes a day you can read it through in 1 year? Increase the daily time to shorten the time.
  • Has feedback button where you can email the developer directly and give them your input. We encourage feedback from our customers. We get some of our greatest ideas from you.

But what really makes this APP quite special, and the Best Bible APP in the World, is using today’s technology and combining it with The Greatest Voice Ever Recorded reading the Greatest Book ever written. After listening to Alexander Scourby read some selected passages from the King James Bible, we're sure you will agree. Get your APP today and start enjoying the many benefits of the newest way to access the Oldest Book.

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Read what Ian from the UK wrote us about
our APP and what he had to say about Alexander Scourby and The King James Bible

From: Ian, Southampton, UK

When I received the MP3 files I was a bit apprehensive, but found to my delight that the files were all nicely organized by book and chapter making searching easy. I'd say (from a purely practical perspective) the price, audio quality and the well organized set of files made it well worth the price.

Spiritually, absolutely nothing compares to what I have heard here! I played the recording and something inside said this is “The Word of God" - and the Holy Spirit can't be wrong! The King James Bible has a reputation for being "difficult" or "outdated" but that is a myth - I was hanging onto every word that Alexander Scourby read and it all made complete sense. I forgot after a while which version it was and simply soaked in it.

Nowhere was I confused or had any doubts about what God was saying. I've purchased other recordings of the Bible in the past and had to stop listening because I became so confused by it all, but with the Scourby Reading the King James Bible you are just left hungering to hear more!

I read some of the articles on your website and checked other sources as well and frankly I just can't believe that the modern translations have changed and or deleted so much. Isn't it a sin to delete and/or change God's word? I am so glad now I have The real “Word of God”, the “Word” which God promised to preserve and speak through in POWER. I've never experienced that power before today. I can't wait to get a paper King James Bible and bin my other versions! I just thank God, I found your web site and I am sending the link to everyone I know.